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In solution-oriented work, the muscle test helps us as a working tool and body feedback. It provides information about where energy flows and where blockages are present. We develop new ways to solve problems and integrate them.

Coaching & Eden Method a personal, solution-oriented, holistic way

Realize your full potential and dissolve old patterns. Coaching and Eden Method integrate ways to realize your full potential. 


We get an overview of the initial situation and work out the priority areas with the help of the energy test.


Your body tells us what is right for you now. Which old patterns need to be dissolved, because they no longer benefit you.

Holistic Health

By involving body, mind and soul we work out your personal potential and integrate all areas for your growth.

 Coaching & Eden Method

Integration of body, mind and soul bring you to your goal

Working out your perfect YOU holistically

With the help of the energy test* we determine your goal and make you aware where blockages prevent you from fully realizing your potential.

Together we develop strategies and solutions to get your goal in motion. 

Through the integration of body, mind and soul, your issues are holistically captured and sticking points are revealed. Old belief patterns are revealed and can be dissolved and changed through the integration of all 3 levels. 


In the session we collect your wishes and goals, we make conscious what should be changed. New perspectives and insights are shown and through the “making conscious” can be determined what should be changed. Dreams and wishes are an important part of modeling the direction and implementation.

In order to stay on the ball outside of my practice and so that your body, mind and soul internalize the new insights, you will receive small homework or self-care tools from me. These support you to integrate your new “I” in everyday life and to eliminate old patterns. 

* = also called muscle test

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