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Energy medicine and kinesiology have changed my life. What do you want to change? If not now, when? Choose now: YOU!

I support you in bringing your energy flow into balance and harmony, letting go of the old and making room for the new.

Eden Energy Medicine Energie Tracking Session

rYour Energy Session will begin with a relaxing Quickie Balancer to relax your energies and release the stress of the day. Then Martina will use energy testing to determine the imbalances in your energy system and apply energy techniques to restore balance. This may include testing one or all of the Nine Energy Systems. After the session, I will give you self-care recommendations to help you maintain this balance.

60 – 120 Minutes*

*90+ Minutes preferred for new clients

Hourly rate 100.00 CHF

Energie-Massage, Quickie Balancer-Treatment

The Quickie Balancer treatment is a protocol that can stand alone or be combined with other energy techniques. The overall purpose of the Quickie Energy Balancer is to open the person’s energies and activate a better flow in the body so that it is ready to receive further energy work and integrate more deeply. The Quickie Energy Balancer clears congested energies and balances the basic energy systems in the body. The Quickie Energy Balancer combines hands-on stimulation of body points with energy tracking and other techniques to move energy in the field. This helps bring the body’s energies into better communication and helps clients better “inhabit” their bodies. Both relaxing and energizing, a fabulous introduction to Eden Energy Medicine.

30 Min. – 55.00 CHF

Coaching Eden Method

You are looking for a way to break out of old patterns? You have the feeling you are going in circles? Whether professionally or privately, we work together to find ways to leave the old behind you and make you on your unique path. You are looking for new ideas and impulses in your life?  Now is the right time to go your way.

60 – 90 Minutes

Hourly rate 100.00 CHF

Chakra Treatment

Your chakra clearing session begins with a luxurious quickie balancer treatment. Then your individual chakras are energetically tested to determine which chakras could benefit from cleansing or energizing. Then each chakra is cleansed and energized with care and mindfulness. This profound work can lead to deep relaxation and a feeling of being “lighter” while still being fully in your body.

60 Minutes

Hourly rate 100.00 CHF

Black Pearl Sanctuary Treatment

The Black Pearl Sanctuary treatment is great for stress, overwhelm and getting your system out of “fight or flight” mode. After a relaxing quickie balancing treatment, specific points on the head are lightly held in sequence to calm the system and return it to a place of peace, safety and comfort. It can improve blood flow health and help expand and balance your aura.

60 Minutes

Hourly rate 100.00 CHF


Find balance and strengthen goals, resolve problems holistically – combination of TCM, 5-element teachings and many other methods.

60 Min. – 100.00 CHF

Kinesiology for children
30 Min. – 55.00 CHF

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Activate self-healing powers according to Japanese tradition

Single treatment with chakras
60 Min. – 100.00 CHF

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Deep Healing Electrics Treatment

Your Electrics session begins with a deep relaxing quickie balancer treatment. Then I hold points on the body to access your electrical energy system. This is a wonderful treatment for pain, stress, autoimmune issues, cardiac or neurological conditions, or simply for relaxation.

90-120 Minutes

Hourly rate 100.00 CHF

Remote Treatment

You can’t come to Zurich? No problem! Martina specializes in remote sessions and works with clients from all over the world via Zoom or Skype.

Please contact me.

According to effort Hourly rate  100.00 CHF

Sound Therapy / Singing Bowl Treatment Peter Hess
In harmony with body,
mind and soul.

60 Min. – 100.00 CHF
30 Min. – 55.00 CHF


Sound Meditation

Meditation helps you to switch off and recharge your batteries for everyday life.

per Evening – 30.00 CHF

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Australian Bush Flower Essences and

Changing the mental state with flower essences – healing power from nature

I’m happy to mix your own personal flower essence for you.

Come by or tell me your current topics to which you would like to have an essence, also by phone. The conversation lasts about 1/2 hour and I record which topics are pending at the moment.

Fr. 80.00 (30 min Interview and Essence), Folow-up Essence (same bland)
CHF 22.00 plus shipping

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More for less

Eden Method*

3 Treatments à 90 min = 440.00 CHF

 7 Treatments à 90 min = 998.00 CHF

Eden Method Intensiv**

15  Treatments à 90 min = 1’875.00 CHF

Kinesiologie, Reiki or Singingbowl Massage

3 Treatments à 60 min = 286.00 CHF

7  Treatments à 60 min = 648.00 CHF

Good to know:
All packages are to be udes within 6 months.

In principle, the fixed prices and times per session apply as indicated in the description of the respective offer.
For longer sessions, an hourly rate of CHF 100/h applies. This means that for each additional quarter of an hour an amount of CHF 25 is charged.

*EEM Package: Grid/Regression work is not part of this package and will be charged on an individual basis.

**EEM Intensive:
Your body has been under chronic stress for a long period of time, which is the perfect environment for diseases and health challenges (such as burnout, cancer, etc.) to manifest. Now is the time to take care of yourself and step by step improve your energies by working with your body, your environment, your mind and your heart to bring balance, joy and peace back into your life. I will help you connect with the inner wisdom of your body, mind and heart. This package is an enriching treatment, the ultimate intensive program to change your chronic patterns for the long term. This packare is a great start to get ready for a grid session.

Grid/Regression work is not part of this package and will be charged on an individual basis.

Health Insurance:
Reiki, sound applications, EFT and energy medicine treatments are currently not health insurance approved and cannot be claimed back through any supplemental insurance for complementary medicine. I am in the process of obtaining health insurance approval for kinesiology, but until I have it, my prices are lower than my colleagues. Health insurance recognition should not be a reason not to experience these great methods.  Please contact me if you have any questions. I have always found a way to accommodate special concerns. 

Payment is made directly on site in cash or by TWINT.
Online appointments by Paypal before the session.
After the treatment I will issue an invoice upon request.

Appointments are available session to session or as needed. If you have to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, it will still be charged.

Prerequisites and “Self Care”:
During your treatment, you will feel most comfortable in comfortable and light-colored clothing.
Allow yourself sufficient rest after your treatment and drink plenty of still water.
The daily energy routine and your individual health exercises are prerequisites for a positive change in your personal energies.

It is a well-known knowledge that after 21 days our patterns can change for the better. So, don’t bury your head in the sand, but do the daily energy routine and the individual “Self Care” exercises for 21 days and then see what has changed and how. As my grandmother used to say “There is nothing good unless you do it”.

In this sense – I wish you a lot of energy, I also look forward to your contact.

Yours sincerely Martina Zähner

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