Discover ways to improve your health and well-being? Recognize old patterns, dissolve them and change habits.

Eden Method, Kinesiology & Sound Healing – Energy  the language of your body.

I support you in bringing your energy flow into balance and harmony, letting go of the old and making room for the new. Increase your health, healing and vitality. 
Customized individual sessions in person or online. 

The energies of your body are as unique as your fingerprint. If not now, when? Choose now: YOU!

Your topics

Please contact me and we can discuss your concerns and the possibilities.
Eden Method, Donna Eden’s “Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)”, Kinesiology and Sound have changed my life.
Now is the right time to invest in you!


Pain, Illness

uch! Pain is a message that something in your body needs attention.. 

You suffer from pain or want to strengthen your health? Now is the right time to take your health in hand.

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Hormone balance, pregnancy, PMS, menopause

Bring your energies to vibrate! Get to know the wisdom of your body and embrace the primal feminine in you.
PMS, desire to get pregnant and pregnancy, menopause and your ideal weight are not a mistery if you bring your energies into balance.

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Learning blocks, test anxiety, stage fright

Do you feel like you’re not meeting the challenges? Now work calmly and concentrated and fully use your brain potential.

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Stress and Anxiety

Oh no! Too much to do, little time, money problems, health problems, irritable boss, media overload – the list is endless. 

You want to get out of there?

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You are looking for a way to break out of old patterns? You have the feeling you are going in circles? Whether professionally or privately, we work together to find ways to leave the old behind you, to get ready to move forward on your unique path. You are looking for new ideas and impulses in your life? Now is the right time to go Your WAY.

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Sleep, Insomnia, Sleep disorder

Restful sleep is one of the most important ways to renew the body’s energies. No counting sheep from now on.

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Self-awareness, recognizing and discarding old patterns

Develop the ability to let go of habits that no longer serve you and replace them with self-promoting techniques that enable you to move forward. 

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Workshops and online seminars

I offer regular workshops and online webinars on various topics of everyday life. As well as relaxing sound journeys and sound meditations and the monthly online Eden Method Study Group meetings.

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Relaxation, sound massage

You are looking for relaxation and want to clear your head? Relax, sounds and a journey in which you let go of your thoughts from everyday life?

IN TUNE with body, mind and soul.

Treat yourself to some swinging time off.

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My gift for you

Eden Method, Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), Kinesiology, Reiki,  Essences & Sound
The common language is energy!

Energy is all there is!

Strengthen your energy and improve your health with sound and easy to learn methods – that’s why I love these techniques and love to share them. The formula E = mc2 of the physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein can be reduced to a simple principle: Everything is energy. There is flowing energy and solidified energy. We can mobilize our energies so that our body and mind always remain in top form..

Increase your health, healing and vitality.

Your energy is important!
Yours – Martina

My offer for your health!

Donna Eden and I 

Why ‘eden method? (Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) 

The nine energy-systems.

Our body consists of 9 energy systems that are the key to keep you healthy and happy. 

Take control of your health with Eden Energy Medicine.

It’s time. Time to acknowledge the wisdom of your body. Time to tap into this incredible powerhouse of healing energy that is right inside you. 

Let the effectiveness of the ‘eden method’ convince you. 






My offer for your health

eden method / Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM): Energy Medicine affects the energies of the body and mind. To enable optimal functioning, energy medicine can be used for both disease and preventive health care. EEM combines elements from meridians, acupressure points, the Celtic Network, chakras, aura and more, so weakened, disturbed or out of balance energies can be restored and also heal your body. 

Eden Energy Medicine allows you to activate your own natural healing energies. EEM can be used both as self-care and as a supplement to other therapies or medical care.

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Reiki – Refuel with Reiki

Reiki – the universal life force

Reiki – a holistic relaxation and healing method

Find your inner balance and get back in harmony with yourself with Reiki.

Reiki balances body and mind and works on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

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Kinesiology is a way to decode and resolve the messages of your soul. In kinesiology we can give voice to your symptom by using muscle testing. This way we can get to the root of the complaint, recognize it, accept it and thus solve it.

Kinesiology connects you to your original power and brings inner clarity to take your next step. 

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eden method coaching

In solution-oriented work, the muscle test helps us as a working tool and body feedback. It provides information about where energy flows and where blockages are present. We develop new ways to solve problems and integrate them. In coaching we make a “layout” of the current situation and check by means of muscle testing what needs to be integrated in the body, so that you can achieve your goal. Whether personal, professional, educational or athletic goals – as soon as we can visualize the desired state, we can integrate them physically for your benefit.

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Peter Hess®-Sound-massage and sound-meditation

‘Relaxation as key to success’

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost.
It makes the soul vibrate.
It releases tension, mobilizes the self-healing powers and releases creative energies.” (Peter Hess)

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FLOWER Essences

Bach flowers – The way of healing lies in nature

Activate positive potentials – Bach Flower Therapy offers a way to recognize and change negative behavioral patterns and activate positive potentials.

Australian bush flowers

Flower essences are not new. The Australian Aborigines have always used flowers to heal emotions.

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Classes that enrich and change your life

Get to know Eden Method, Kinesiology and Sound with singing bowls at one of my seminars

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Inspired and relaxed through your day

Whether Energy Massage, EEM Quicky Energy Balancer, Chakra Balance. 5 Elements Balance, DER – Daily Energy Routine, Brazilian Toe Treatment – here you will find my theme offers for your relaxation.

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Courses and Events

'eden method', Eden Energy Medicine and Kinesiology Study Group

See how Donna Eden lives energy medicine, try exercises yourself and discuss with like-minded people – on this evening all this is possible.

When and where?
The meetings are held online on the first Thursday of each month.

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Sound-meditation - Soundjourney

Give yourself ‘ME’ time and experience your own space. Let the wonderful sounds lead you into a sound bath and give yourself and your body space and your mind the opportunity to relax.

When and where?
The meetings are held on the last Thuesday of each month in my office. 

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Eden Method Teacher trainings & offers for individuals, companies and associations

Would you like to experience what you can do to start the afternoon full of energy after lunch?

Feel better when you have to lead difficult or awkward meetings. Learn ways that help you focus better.

Do you want to maneuver through the seasons healthier and better? Want to feel healthier and more energetic?  

I offer trainings where many valuable techniques, tips and tricks can be learned.

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Jaqueline C. from U.

Dear Martina. How wonderful!
A night without this excessive sweating! And the intestines are working extremely.
Thank you very much!

Maja A. from Z.

The sound massage is
… deeply relaxing,
… soothes,
… a time-out for body and soul,
… decelerates
… beneficial for everyone.

Petra M. from Z.

As a scientist, I was skeptical about EEM at first, but was quickly proven wrong. I was first amazed and then thrilled at how upbeat, positive and energized I came out of each session. Gladly again.

Thomas Z. from Z.

With every treatment I can let my soul dangle. I fill up with new energy and can start my week easier and more relaxed. Thank you

Baba S. from K.

I can recommend a session with Martina to anyone. She responds to needs sensitively and with humor. The energy massage is wonderfully relaxing. I am already looking forward to the next time.


Your Donna Eden energy work balanced my energies and I easily “flew” through my pregnancy with the treatments and exercises. Thank you so much for this.

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