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Get to know Eden Method at one of my seminars

With Eden Method and Eden Energy Medicine you can improve your everyday life. In my seminars you will learn simple but profound methods that you can immediately implement and apply. You can get to know me and the Eden Method personally and take away a treasure chest of techniques that will support you on your way to more vitality, health and well-being. 
Some seminar topics:

Reduce stress and anxiety

Anxiety and discomfort often accompanies chronic stress, showing up as worry, nervousness, unease, anxiety or fear. It can affect your ability to think clearly, make good and rational decisions, or have a restful night’s sleep and sound sleep.

Pain Seminar

Using simple techniques to bring these energies into a healthy flow not only reduces pain, but also supports the body’s ability to heal the underlying condition.

Bring hormones into balance

Men and women both need hormone balancing because we produce the same basic hormones despite our gender differences.

Eden Method Authorized Teacher

Seminars that change your life

Presentations & Events

Energie-Medizin and Kinesiology:

  • “Reduce stress and anxiety”,
  • “Pain Seminar,
  • “Balancing Hormones”,
  • “The Hole After Lunch – Exercises to Get You Going Again”,
  • “Daily Energy Exercises or the Daily Five Minute Energy Routine – get your energy system going”,
  • “Why does salad make me fat? – Food testing made simple”

Sound experience and sound meditation:

Sound Break – You and your team, friends or company are planning an event where relaxation and body mindfulness is the topic? Lets be motivated on a sound journey and mobilize new energies.

In school and kindergarten, a sound event can be an enriching tool so that children can experience the diversity of sound on their own bodies with all their senses. It is not called “learning with all senses” for nothing. 

My Trainings

My mission is to teach you simple tools that will:

  • Keep you healthy and vital,
  • Support the natural healing abilities of your body,
  • Provide you with the feeling of happiness that comes when your life is in harmony with your deepest nature.

Trainings & offers for private persons, companies and associations

You feel limp and tired after lunch? Would you like to experience what helps you to start the afternoon full of energy after lunch?

Feel better when you have to lead difficult or uncomfortable meetings. Learn ways to help you focus better.

Do you want to maneuver through the seasons healthier and better? Feel healthier and more energetic?    

With Eden Method and Kinesiology techniques, you have a fully packed backpack to help you.

Please contact me to discuss the details of your concerns, questions and opportunities.

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